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Vision for 2024

The Countryside Comprehensive Plan, Vision for 2024, was formally approved by the Countryside City Council on November 10, 2004.  The Plan Commission/ZBA, the project's steering committee, had previously approved the Final Draft Comprehensive Plan on October 19.  City Council's approval brings to an end the 18-month community project.  The City continues to express its appreciation to the many residents, businesses and other concerned citizens who have offered their opinions during this project. 

For further overview information on the plan's progress, click here for recent Suburban Life articles regarding the Comprehensive Plan: Residents Offer Development Input, City's Comprehensive Plan Progressing, City Completes First Planning Phase, City Enters Final Planning Stage, Countryside Considers Corridor Report, Countryside's Comprehensive Plan Coming Along and City Ready to Review Comprehensive Plan.  Check back for future articles on the Comprehensive Plan.

The following are the various links to .pdf documents for each segment of the draft plan, note that the Final Comprehensive Plan document contains all previously released reports and all reports can be viewed in person at the City Clerk's office in Countryside City Hall.  Note these are all large documents and may take a few minutes to download:

Synthesis Report covers a wide variety of background information, including demographics and the community-wide survey.

Sub-area Plan Interim Report, presented to the public in June, discusses several key corridors and areas in Countryside and potential redevelopment opportunities that could be pursued over the next several years.  The sub-areas included in this document are as follows: City Hall/55th Street Sub-area, Plainfield Road/55th Street Sub-area, LaGrange Road Corridor Sub-area, Joliet Road Corridor Sub-area, Southern Annexation Sub-area, Dansher Park Sub-area.

Preliminary Plans Interim Report was released in September and contains the following sections: Community Vision for the Future, Preliminary Community Goals & Objectives, Preliminary Community-Wide Land Use Plan, Preliminary Community Transportation Plan and a Preliminary Community Facilities Plan. 

Final Comprehensive Plan is a culmination of all the previous reports and also includes two new sections: Implementation and an Action Agenda.  This is the final City-approved document.

The City will now be reviewing the Implementation Schedule and Action Agenda sections of the Comprehensive Plan and be developing a priority list to address the many recommendations and projects contained in Vision for 2024.  The City is already in the process of addressing many of the projects identified in the plan, including the development of a new commercial/retail landscaping ordinance, the redevelopment of the Countryside Plaza and the Breen's sites, a feasibility plan for a potential Chicagoland Route 66 Museum/Visitor Center, as well as the potential acquisition of certain commercial properties.  As the City gears up to celebrate its 45th anniversary in 2005, the Comprehensive Plan has set the stage for an exciting array of projects.

For any questions or comments related to the Countryside Comprehensive Plan, please contact the Community Development Dept. at (708) 354-2970 or via email at  A copy of Comprehensive Plan documents is also available in the Information Resources/Forms & Permits section of our website.  Click here to go there now.